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UISR4200SFour axis robot arm SCARA robot

Product Introduction

Features: distributed control system, free open source code, no control box robot, simple structure, low cost, high reliability          

Objective: to provide a low cost, easy to install, maintain and easy to operate four axis SCARA robot.          

Functions: sorting, fetching, transporting and packing objects.          

Structure: SCARA robot, which comprises a base, the base cylinder side is equipped with integrated wiring board, mounting arm the base can rotate relatively large, the other end of the arm is equipped with small arms which can rotate relatively, the other end of the small arm is movably provided with ball screw spline.          

Features: the spline and the screw rod through the drive motor module be made one, the first and second drive motor module respectively rotate and under its control, reducing the disassembly difficulty, make the structure more compact space saving; electrical wiring integrated on a circuit board, and reduce the connection link; add WIFI or Bluetooth mode and interactive control at the end of a wired or wireless connection, in addition to the programming control through the traditional industrial control computer, but also through the intelligent mobile terminals such as mobile phone and tablet personal, program control, to realize the low cost, easy maintenance, easy to use.

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