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Kinetic Lights

Product Introduction
UFQ led by the general manager of Dr. Zhu, R & D products, the dynamic effect for the stage to bring a unique visual impact, according to the different needs of customers to change the color of light, kinetic lights formed by you, we provide professional Art team of the entire set of customized design, the whole package (float, sound, light) products available, can be upgraded, the entire system of construction and maintenance, a professional team to follow the activities of safe and reliable. At present the cooperation of customers in the automotive, jewelry, clothing, furniture and other industries.
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Integrated Design
Size 220 * 230 * 150mm / 1.7Kg
Drive, lighting, control integrated one
There are only four wires

Ball Lamp Characteristics
32000 full color, 150 lumens
Import high efficiency full color RGB LED
150mm diameter, shape can be customized

Movement Characteristics
Power supply 24 VDC / 1.2 A / 30W
The maximum speed of the suspension ball is> 2 m / s
Hanging sphere working range 7.5 m
Motion sync error <3 microseconds (no accumulation)
Dynamic 3 spline linkage (synchronous motion)

Hardware System Features
Embedded DSP microprocessor system
High performance 64 bit precision hardware
Excellent love high-speed integrated servo module
Incremental encoder closed - loop feedback
PVT3 spline motion interpolation

Load Capacity
Low speed (<1m / s), suspension 1 Kg
High speed (> 1m / s), hanging material 0.5Kg

Communication Characteristics
TCP / IP, WiFi
BlueTooth 4.0
Active CAN2.0B