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Applications of drives, motors, closed loop stepping, and specific products in the mechanical automa

The high and new technology in the information age flows to traditional industries, which leads to profound changes in the latter. As one of the traditional industries of machinery industry, the new technology revolution under the impact of the product structure and production structure has undergone a qualitative leap, the rapid development of micro electronics technology, computer technology, in
  • Process Requirements
  • System Structure

The technology characteristics of mechanical automation including fast I/O response, high precision temperature or pressure control, dynamic motion control, as well as the friendly operation display interface, make mechanical production equipment has higher production efficiency, higher production of flexible, higher security.

A motion control system generally includes: processing motion algorithm and signal controller; A motor output amplifier for signal and supply actuators; Feedback (sensor/transmitter) system can adjust process variables based on the comparison values of output and input.

The system also includes an operator interface or front-end handling (front-end) device. Feedback means that most motion control systems are closed-loop systems; However, some are open loop systems, especially in the stepper motor system. The actuators have various forms - motors, cylinders, spiral coils, etc., which can be electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic or other types of equipment.