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Application of motion control system in unmanned supermarket

The use of credit system to restrict people's purchase behavior, for commercial operation. The main feature is convenient, fast and easy to be accepted by people.
  • Process Requirements
  • System Structure
The use of unmanned supermarkets first, the "unmanned supermarket" payment function designed to spin off to the store when the payment door, the shelf area is to capture the use of video information to optimize operations, and help settle accounts. At the same time, the "unmanned supermarket" has a complex set of biological features, autonomic sensing and learning systems. Even if users do not look at the lens, supermarkets can accurately capture the user's biometric features. For example, you get a product when the facial expression and body language, will be recorded to help businesses judge a commodity is not satisfactory; for instance, capture the consumer movement and in store shelves in front of the length of stay, display device and service store guide businesses to adjust the goods the.

UIM240 series miniature integrated stepping motor movement controller          

UIM241IE series integrated closed loop servo system          

USBC9100 industry level intelligent USB-CAN gateway          

MMC90X micro control computer