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Kinetic lights and SWAROVSKI's fantastic combination shines the stage

Wuliangye Group and Swarovski together to create the "fate of crystal students" series in Shanghai bright advent, UIROBOT kinetic lights for its launch ceremony icing on the cake. UIROBOT team in two days to complete a difficult action programming, debugging, production, site structures and so on. Floats and dancers act perfectly and finally, showing a magnificent stage effect.

To achieve these motion control is a small size with the router's motion control calculation MMC90X (microcomputer). Equipped with linux, windows and the corresponding development environment and user interface, the use of ordinary computer is no different We provide open source code, support a variety of programming languages, even ordinary technical staff can also be designed and developed at any time transformation.

UIROBOT kinetic lights series is the first team to provide sports programming, production, presentation, on-site integrated business team, the stage to us, but also a visual feast.