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UIROBOT invited you to participate in 2017 South China International Industrial Automation Exhibitio

We will demonstrate the speed of the UIM620 series of high-speed integrated stepping servo control module, the positioning accuracy of the product is micron level; high speed, high response, control stepper motor speed up to 6000rmp / min, CAN differential bus, Impatient characteristics; aluminum alloy case, durable, easy to heat.
UIROBOT will also display the linkage robot combination, the world's first no control box robot; code open source, open platform; remove the user after-sales programming maintenance costs; machine only four lines can be controlled.

Our latest products to industrial Lok high for the idea of building blocks of the micro-control platform is also the highlight of this exhibition, the kernel features a complete interface friendly; plug and play stable and reliable.

The show will also have more cost-effective products debut, love treasure robot look forward to meeting with you!