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UIROBOT invited to participate in 2017 Pudong New Area Science and Technology Festival


May 25, 2017 Pudong New Area Science and Technology Festival and Zhangjiang Huizhi Science and Technology Festival in Huizhi International Business Center as scheduled. Shanghai United Intelligence Robotics INC invited to exhibitors.

The "focus on Zhangjiang, flying dream" Zhangjiang Technology Festival Division I show Di Kaer robot, "Industrial Lego" concept as the basis, equipped with UIROBOT latest microcomputer, low cost, high performance, with linear interpolation, repeatability High merit. At present, the robot is used in many fields, for the major enterprises to bring a good economic benefits.

Dikal robot once on display, to attract the attention of the majority of the audience, the robot in the field performed a painting of this skill, pen movements smooth, accurate positioning, in the mobile phone APP can be achieved control.

Technology Festival In addition to the DeKar robot we also see companion robots, not only cute appearance, sweet voice, but also use multiple languages. In addition to more than sixty from Zhangjiang and other regions of the Kechuang enterprises, they have prepared their own good products early, many fresh and interesting products to the audience dazzled, a time full of people, so that the public close to the technology Charm.

The event aims to promote the "creative + innovation + create" the spirit of the pioneer, to create a blend of innovative technology carnival. UIROBOT is in the spirit of innovation without innovation and not create the concept of industrial wisdom in the way farther and farther.