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"Glory moment" - dark horse technology UIROBOT

April 22, 2017, by the China Capital in the second quarter of the advanced technology enterprise capital carnival, the third to find China's good project investment and financing contest in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall B1 layer 1B conference room. As the finale of the fifth session (CSITF), the contest invited all the big coffee as the judges of the competition, including the host with the capital founder CEO Yuan Yong, Shanghai joint creation partner Zhou Shuiwen, Fudan Software Institute Long Liu Gang, Huaou Venture General Manager Qian Min and other eight investment banks and experts. The event also invited the media to live, while the number of online viewing up to tens of millions.
Participate in the investment and financing competition business is selected by the 1000 advanced enterprises in the top eight, and in the field roadshow. As a dark horse industry, UIROBOT with its "modular" concept of development and industry mission and rapid development of the market access, the industry experts recognized, and the absolute advantage of the contest won the title of the championship.

UIROBOT CEO Dr. Zhu Haihong on the scene to share the "Industrial Lego" concept

In the capital CEO Yuan Yong, Fudan Software Institute Vice President Liu Gang for UIROBOT CEO Dr. Zhu Haihong awarded the first prize trophy

A mobile client can customize the assembly of robots, as if playing high toys in general, users do not need to have the appropriate professional low-level programming technology, even in the mobile side can operate "robot" painting. We have to do is simply to 10-year-old children can become a fun robot, Dr. Zhu Haihong said.

Participate in the CEO and the judges of the scene posed for pictures